Family Law, Civil Partnership & Cohabitants

At Porter Morris LLP Solicitors, we offer expert legal advice on all aspects of Family Law.

We develop a relationship of trust with each individual client by providing a sensitive, supportive and confidential service to them.

Our role is to give informed advice on the legal aspects of each case and to progress the case in a manner that is fair and in the best interests of the parties involved. We take a non-confrontational approach and help our clients to try to narrow the issues in dispute through mediation, collaborative law or negotiation.

If agreement between the parties cannot be reached we will pursue the case with a view to obtaining the best and fairest terms for our clients and in the best interests of any children of the relationship.

The main areas of family law in which we practice are:

  • Access / Guardianship / Custody / Maintenance
  • Separation Agreements
  • Judicial Separation
  • Divorce
  • Nullity
  • Co-habitation Agreements
  • Deeds of Family Arrangement

At Porter Morris LLP Solicitors, we also advise our clients on rights and obligations that arise on marriage, civil partnership and cohabitation and Agreements that the parties can enter into to minimise disputes should a relationship breakdown occur.