Older or Vulnerable Adults

As Ireland’s population ages the legal issues concerning older or vulnerable adults are becoming increasingly important.

The areas of Enduring Powers of Attorney, Wardship, Wills, Trusts, Probate and Administration as well as capacity issues generally are perhaps particularly relevant for older or vulnerable adults. Other matters which may arise are issues in relation to the ownership of joint accounts, undue influence or duress and financial or other abuse.

Adults who are vulnerable whether by reason of age or disability need and are entitled to a particularly high standard of care.

As old age or limited capacity may give rise to a vulnerability, it makes it all the more important that the person receive comprehensive, understandable and independent legal advice.

At Porter Morris LLP Solicitors we have experienced solicitors who are skilled in matters of capacity and can appropriately present and provide the specialist advice required in an empathic manner.

Older or vulnerable people may find themselves subject to the influence of others when endeavouring to make decisions concerning their affairs. Our solicitors understand these pressures and can assist the decision maker in coping with them.

We are also aware that the elderly or vulnerable may be more at ease seeing a solicitor in their own home or, where the circumstances require it, in a nursing home or other environment and we can facilitate this.